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Bulletin 9D-8 August, 1951 Model "BC" Page 14

15. Install choke rod to counterweight and fast idle cam. The dog leg of rod must face idle adjusting needle. Assemble pin spring and rod end clip to respective ends of rod.

NOTE: Check choke valve for free movement.

16. If the choke suction tube and seal assembly in the Throttle Body requires replacement proceed as follows: Figure 13. This operation must be performed after carburetor is completely assembled.

a. Loosen Throttle Body to Bowl attaching screws.

b. Place flared end of tube with seal into throttle body. Using Tool BT-45, tap lightly to hold seal in Throttle Body. Rotate tube while tapping seal so that it is started uniformly in Throttle Body.

c. Install hex fitting and new packing on upper end of tube and fasten tube to choke housing by turning hex nut up ringer tight.

d. Using tool BT-45 and hammer spread seal into throttle body securely.

e. Completely loosen hex nut and check that tube is tight in throttle body (will not turn). Then tighten hex nut to choke housing securely.

f. Tighten throttle body to bowl attaching screws evenly and securely.

g. After installing carburetor on car, run idling to warm up engine, check packing joint with gasoline. If there is a leak, engine will stall or roll.

Figure 12

Figure 13


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