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Bulletin 9D-8
August, 1951
Model "BC"
Page 13

7. Attach air horn to bowl with attaching screws. Tighten screws evenly and securely.

8. Install filter screen, strainer nut and gasket assembly in air horn.

9. Place new gasket into position and attach choke housing to air horn. Tighten screws securely.

10. Place new hex fitting packing on choke suction tube and tighten fitting on choke housing. Fitting must be tight to prevent loss of vacuum.

11. Assemble choke piston to shaft with pin and place into choke housing bore as shown in Figure 10. Rotate choke shaft counter-clockwise so that piston rides in housing cavity.

12. Install choke valve on choke shaft with letters "RP" facing upward. Center choke valve before tightening screws. Place baffle plate and choke cover gasket into position as shown in Figure 11, and install choke coil and cover. Rotate cover clockwise until index marks on cover and housing are aligned.

13. Attach three retainers and screws to
choke housing and tighten securely.

NOTE : Choke valve should be lightly closed at room temperature (75°F) when index mark on cover and housing are aligned.

14. Place choke counterweight on end of choke shaft with tang facing choke housing. Install spacing washer and trip lever so that tang of trip lever is atop counterweight tang, when choke valve is full open as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 10

Figure 11


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