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Bulletin 9D-8 August, 1951 Model "BC" Page 12


1. Drop small aluminum ball into pump well hole, and replace pump return spring. Press spring with finger to center it in pump well.

2. Install large steel ball in pump discharge cavity. Place spring and spring guide atop ball. Spread spring guide slot slightly with screwdriver blade to keep in place.

3. Press pump filter screen carefully into position.

4. Install pump plunger assembly and attach pump link to pump plunger arm and throttle lever. Attach pin springs to each end of pump link.

NOTE: The dog leg in the pump link must face away from throttle shaft.


1. Install float needle seat and gasket, using screwdriver with /" bit.

2. Place power piston spring and power piston into vacuum cavity. Piston should ride free in cavity.

3. Place new gasket atop air horn, check to be sure that all air horn and gasket holes are aligned.

4. Attach main well support to air horn securely.

5. Install main metering jet in main well support.

6. Assemble float needle to float and place float carefully into position. Tang at rear of float must face cover. Install float hinge pin as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9. Air Horn Assembly

NOTE : The float adjustment may be made at this point. For correct settings see the carburetor adjustment bulletin.


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