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Bulletin 9D-8 August, 1951 Model "BC" Page 10


1. Remove slotted brass pump discharge guide by using a small bit screwdriver to compress top portions of guide slightly as shown in Figure 8. Spring will cause guide to pop out. Remove pump discharge guide spring and ball. If guide is of the stamped type, remove with long nosed pliers.

2. Remove two pin springs from pump link and remove pump link from throttle lever and pump plunger arm.

3. Remove pump plunger from bowl. Remove pump return spring and inlet ball from pump well.

4. Carefully remove pump inlet screen from


NOTE: Do not remove choke suction tube

from throttle body.

5. Up end carburetor bowl with suction tube projected over edge of flat surface and remove two throttle body attaching screws. Throttle body and gasket may now be removed.

THROTTLE BODY DISASSEMBLY 1. Remove idle adjusting needle and spring.

2. Remove idle screw from throttle lever.

3. Remove fast idle cam.

NOTE: Due to close tolerance fit of the throttle valve in the bore of the throttle body, it is not necessary to remove the throttle valve or shaft from the throttle body.


1. Thoroughly clean carburetor castings and metal parts in carburetor cleaning solvent.

CAUTION: Choke coil and housing and pump plunger should not be immersed in solvent. Clean pump plunger in clean gasoline only.

2. Blow all passages in castings dry with compressed air and blow off all parts until they are dry.

CAUTION: Do not pass drills or wires through calibrated jets or passages as this may enlarge orifice and seriously affect carburetor calibration.

Figure 8. Bowl Assembly


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