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Bulletin 9D-8
August, 1951
Model "BC"
Page 3

Figure 1. Model "BC" Carburetor

The Model "BC" Carburetor incorporates several distinct new features. Foremost of these features is the concentric float bowl, which completely encompasses the main bore of the carburetor. This float bowl concentricity in conjunction with the centrally located main discharge nozzle prevents any fuel loss on road inclines. Regardless of any angle the car may assume, the fuel level is at all times below the nozzle spill point.

A second feature of the Model "BC" Carburetor is the unique design of the Main Well Assembly. This assembly contains the main metering jet and power valve. It is attached to the carburetor air horn and suspended in the float bowl.

In the Model "BC" Carburetor, due to the suspension of the main well in the bowl, engine heat cannot be directly transmitted to the main passageway through the main metering jet.

The Model "BC" Carburetor incorporates the conventional six systems of carburetion: Idle, Part Throttle, Power, Pump, Float and Choke. Each of the systems is basically simple and can be readily traced and understood.


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