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Bulletin 9D-6 August, 1951 Model "B" Page 10


1. Place Choke Spring on Cover Boss with extended hook end against cover.

2. Place Choke Swivel Assembly on Boss with lug and screw on the inside. Lock Retaining Ring into groove.

3. Slip Choke Shaft into Air Horn. Center Choke Valve and tighten screws. The letters RP must face outward with choke valve closed.

Upset ends of choke valve screws after assembly.

4. Turn Choke Spring clockwise until outside hooked end engages top portion of choke swivel assembly. With small piece of wire wind inside end of choke spring approximately / turn and hook over end of choke shaft assembly. Ascertain that choke assembly has free movement.

5. If wear is noted on Float Needle, install new Float Needle Assembly. Always use factorymatched and tested Needle & Seat Assemblies.

6. Place Power Spring and Power Stem into Cover Cavity.

7. Place new Cover Gasket on Cover. Check that all cover and gasket holes are aligned.

8. Using a new Main Well Support Gasket, attach Main Well Support to Cover. On later models this Gasket is a part of Cover Gasket.

9. Install Main Metering Jet.

10. Holding Power Stem down install power ball, spring and plug assembly. Tighten securely.

11. Attach Float with Hinge Pin. Float Tang must face cover Face. See Adjustment Bulletin for correct Float Setting.

12. Rotate Throttle Kick Lever clockwise until extended hooked end engages lower half ofLever. Turn Lever to vertical position against tension of spring. Cam portion of lever will now be in position to engage cam portion of choke swivel.

13. Holding Lever thusly, place Cover Assembly on Bowl. Attach screws and Choke Bracket. Tighten screws securely.

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