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Bulletin 9D-6
August, 1951
Model "B"
Page 9

THROTTLE BODY DISASSEMBLY 1. Remove Idle Adjusting Needle and Spring.

Due to the close tolerance of the Throttle Valve fit that is required, and the fact that the Idle Discharge holes are drilled in relation to a proper fitting valve, Throttle Valve and Shaft should not be removed.

Standard carburetor cleaning solvent and compressed air will serve to clean all passages. INSPECTION OF PARTS 1. Check Floats for dents or wear at hinge pin holes, replace if necessary.

2. Examine float needle and seat, if grooved replace with a factory tested and matched float needle seat and gasket assembly.

3. Check choke shaft for wear in the bores. If worn excessively replace part.

4. If throttle shaft or valve appears loose due to wear, replace throttle body assembly.

5. Inspwct Pump Link and holes in pump and throttle levers, if worn out of round, they should be replaced.

6. If gaskets appear hard and brittle, always replace with a new one to insure proper seal.

1. Install Idle Needle and Spring finger tight. As a temporary idle adjustment back out 1/


2. Using a new Throttle Body Gasket attach Bowl to Throttle Body. Tighten screws evenly and securely.

3. Place clean Pump Screen in bottom of bowl and lock retainer into position.

4. Drop small aluminum ball in pump well.

5. Place pump return spring into well and center it by depressing it with finger.

6. Install pump plunger and connect pump link to throttle lever and pump rod. Attach Pin Springs.

7. Drop large steel ball into pump discharge cavity of bowl. Place bronze spring atop ball. Pump Guide will now fit within opening, press down until Guide is flush with Bowl surface and spread slot with screw driver.

8. Place throttle kick lever spring on bowl boss, with smaller hooked end against bowl. Rotate clockwise until small end engages lower boss.

9. Attach throttle kick lever with screw and washer. Flat portion of lever must be against Idle Screw.

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