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Bulletin 9D-6 August, 1951 Model "B" Page 8

DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR MODEL "B" CARBURETOR 1. Remove 4 cover attaching screws and choke bracket.

2. Lift Cover straight up to prevent damage to floats. Hold Throttle Kick Lever while lifting cover.


1. Place cover up-ended on flat surface and remove float hinge pin and floats.

2. Lift air horn gasket from cover and remove Float Needle, Seat and red fibre gasket, using screw driver of proper width.

3. Remove Main Metering Jet and Power Valve Assembly from Main Well Support. Use care so as not to lose small spring and ball of Power Valve Assembly

4. Remove Main Well Support by loosening attaching screw.

5. Remove Main Well Support Gasket and lift Power Stem and Spring from Cover. 6. Remove Choke Valve Screws and Choke Valve.

7. Unhook Choke Spring and remove choke shaft assembly.

8. With small pointed instrument remove choke retaining ring. Choke swivel assembly and spring may now be removed.

Cover is now ready to be cleaned in carburetor solvent and dried with compressed air. It is not necessary to remove passage plugs. Blow out all passages with compressed air prior to assembly.

Note: All Main Metering Jets for Rochester GM Carburetors are calibrated by fuel-flow, rather

than drill size, at the Factory. Clean with solvent and compressed air only.


1. Remove Throttle Kick Lever and Spring by loosening screw and washer.

2. Holding Pump Plunger full down, remove Pin Springs and Pump Link from Throttle Lever and Pump Rod. Pump Plunger may now be lifted from Bowl.

3. Lift Pump Spring from Pump Well and remove ball check in bottom of well.

4. Tap lightly, with small screwdriver, outer edge of Pump Discharge Guide to compress lips, rotate slightly to remove. Bronze Spring and Large ball check will fall from Bowl when up-ended.

5. Remove Pump Screen and Retainer from Bowl.

6. With Bowl up-ended, remove Throttle Body attaching screws.

Bowl may now be cleaned in same manner as air cover. By holding a flashlight to passage holes, it can readily be determined if they are clean.

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