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Bulletin 9D-6 August, 1951 Model "B" Page 4

The increased pressure from the percolation in conventional units often times forces the fuel from the pump system into the engine.

The new carburetor has a ball type check valve built into the plunger head. As a consequence, any fuel percolation in the pump system by-passes the ball and allows the fuel to circulate back into the float bowl rather than into the engine.


To the service mechanic a unit which can be serviced quickly and economically is advantageous to both the customer and himself. The Model "B" Carburetor has been designed with simplicity of construction and a maximum ease of service.

In this new carburetor both the Idle Tube and Pump Jet are pressed into the Cover Passage at the factory and need never be replaced or serviced.

Clean to the eye and clean for service is the external view of the Model "B" Carburetor, for there are no external rods to adjust, bend or become distorted.

In many instances, the entire unit will not have to be removed from the engine. All of the main metering parts are in the Cover Assembly. By the simple removal of the four cover screws, it is possible to service or inspect the Float, Float Valve Assembly, Main Well Support Assembly and the Power Valve Assembly.

Adjustments require time, both for the customer and the mechanic. The new Model "B" Carburetor with its fixed type main metering jet does not require any adjustments for the part throttle or power mixtures.

Since Carburetion is dependent upon both compression and ignition, the carburetor should always be adjusted last in engine tune-up. The fuel systems within the carburetor are basically simple and can be readily traced and understood.

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