Rochester 2-Jet Carburetor Manual

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This is the Delco-Rochester service manual for 2G, 2GV, 2GC and 2GE carburetors.
information added March 4, 2006: The 1964 version of this manual is available here. Index
Part 1: 2G-2GC-2GV Manual, Published 1973

idle systems
main metering system
power system
accelerator pump
Model 2G truck
major service operations
adjustment procedures

Part 2: Adjustment Procedures, Published 1980-82
(note: these are jpeg image files, about 250 K)

typical exploded view, 2G, 2GC, 2GV
adjustments 2G-2GV
adjustments 2G-2GV, cont'd.
choke adjustments
choke, cont'd.
vacuum break
vacuum break, cont'd.
throttle and idle adjustments
A/C and CEC adjustment

Part 3: Troubleshooting the 2GC-2GV, Published 1980

Engine Cranks - No Start
Engine Stalls
Sluggish on Acceleration
Runs Uneven or Surges
Poor Economy

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