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exactly one full turn, permitting the throttle plate to close completely. The carburetor is now ready to be installed as described in the following instructions.

NOTE:   If a "sandwich" type engine speed governor is to be used in conjunction with the carburetor, be sure the carburetor has a hollow brass screw plug installed in the extreme upper end of the power enrichment system vacuum passage. The end of the vacuum passage is the small hole adjacent to the throttle bore in the top of the manifold mating surface of the carburetor flange. The hollow screw plug closes the vacuum passage leading into the carburetor throttle bore, but permits vacuum from the manifold side of the governor throttle plate to be transmitted to the power enrichment system. If this plug is not installed when the carburetor is used with a governor, the power enrichment system will not function prope rly.


a. Be sure the carburetor mating surface of the intake manifold or governor is clean. Place a new carburetor flange gasket on the manifold or governor and install the carburetor. Draw the two nuts down evenly, turning first one, then the other, down a little at a time until the flange gasket has been compressed and the nuts are tight.

screw in (clockwise) exactly one complete turn.

c. Slide the choke control wire through the carburetor choke bracket and into the choke lever swivel. Tighten the choke bracket screw, firmly clamping the flexible choke wire tube. Be sure the choke knob on the dash board is fully in. Holding the choke lever so that the choke plate is fully open, tighten the screw in the choke lever swivel down on the choke wire.

d. Install the flexible connection from the air cleaner to the carburetor air inlet. Connect the fuel line and the distributor vacuum line to the carburetor.

3.   ADJUSTMENTS - Figure 21

a. Start and warm up the engine. When the engine reaches its normal operating temperature, adjust the throttle stop screw to idle the engine at approximately 500 rpm. Turn the idle adjusting needle in until engine speed begins to drop. Then turn the needle out (counterclockwise) until engine speed again begins to drop, counting the turns.   Set the needle halfway between these two points to provide a satisfactory idle mixture. If this adjustment results in an increase in the idle rpm great enough to require resetting the throttle stop screw, the idle adjusting needle should also be reset.

b. Connect the socket on the end of the throttle rod to the ball on the carburetor throttle lever. Hold the carburetor throttle plate tightly closed by turning the fast idle lever on the end of the throttle shaft clockwise as far as possible. Press the throttle rod upward to insure that the accelerator pedal is fully up and tighten the throttle lever clamp screw. Turn the throttle stop

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