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Slide the choke shaft into position in the lower body casting. Place the choke plate on the flat portion of the choke shaft so that the poppet valve spring is at the bottom of the air inlet, pointing inward. Install two new choke plate screws snugly but do not tighten. Check for binding by turning the choke shaft. If the choke shaft turns freely, tighten the two choke plate screws and stake the tips to prevent loosening, using Manzel Tool No. 9586. If binding is noticed, tap the casting with a fiber mallet and recheck.

Place the choke bracket assembly in position on the casting and secure with the screw and lockwasher. With the choke plate held open, install the choke pin and lever assembly with the pin down and pointing out. Insert the round hub in the choke lever and swivel assembly from the side of the 1, DIVISION C


lever opposite the swivel. Place the hub and the choke lever and swivel assembly on the choke shaft, with the swivel down and pointing in. Be sure the pin is engaged in the slot in the choke lever. Install the lockwasher and nut on the end of the choke shaf t.,

Install the new main jet, using Manzel Tool No. 9533 to prevent damage. Place a new gasket on the main jet passage plug and install the plug.

Install the float chamber drain plug and the drip plug.

Place the new gasket on the main nozzle and install the main nozzle.

Place the pump spring and pump spring washer on the stem of the new pump piston. Press down on the washer to compress the pump spring and slide the horizontal arm of the pump rod into position in the slot in the pump piston stem. Install the accelerating pump assembly, being sure the leather cup on the piston does not catch and bend back on the edges


FIGURE 16 - INSTALLING PUMP INLET PALL CHECK VALVE AND RETAINER is pressed to the bottom of the well. Invert the casting and shake, holding a hand under the pump well. If the retainer is correctly installed, the ball will be held in its chamber.

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