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the tip of the main nozzle is distorted or damaged, or if the threads are stripped. Be sure all holes in the side of the main nozzle are clean and undamaged.

Distributor vacuum passage jet - Discard and replace if any damage or distortion is noted. Carefully inspect the orifice at the tip of the jet for damage and foreign matter.

Choke linkage - Discard and re place the choke lever and swivel assembly if there are stripped threads in the swivel or if it is no longer securely riveted to the lever.

Springs - Discard and replace if distorted or broken.

Screws, lockwashers, and nuts - Discard and replace if stripped threads, bending, or other damage is noted.

Install the new pump rod felt seal and retainer (flat steel washer) by sliding the seal in place in the lower body casting and then installing the washer. If necessary, a short piece of 3/8 inch wood dowl can be used to drive the washer into position so that it rests slightly beneath the surface of the casting. Lightly tap the stake marks in the casting with a center punch to secure the washer.

Place the new pump discharge needle valve, point down, in the lower body casting. Place a 1/8 inch diameter brass rod on the needle and tap it gently three or times with a small fiber mallet to insure a positive seal when the needle rests on the seat. Gentle taps with the mallet must be used to avoid damage to the needle. Check to be sure the needle moves freely up and down in its chamber after performing this operation. Place the new brass concave disc retainer in position with the bulge up. Set the brass rod on the center of the bulge and tap sharply until the retainer is flattened out and securely locked in position.

Place the new power valve gasket on the power valve and install the valve, being careful to avoid damaging the valve. Tighten the valve securely to insure proper sealing by the power valve gasket.

Drop the new pump inlet check valve (1/8 inch steel ball) into the hole nearest the side at the bottom of the pump well in the lower body casting. Install the pump inlet check valve retainer with the bent-in prong extending over the ball. Be sure the re

a. Reassembly - Lower B

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