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To properly overhaul the carburetor, it must be completely disassembled and all parts must be thoroughly cleaned. Then each part must be inspected for wear, deterioration, and damage, and all defective parts should be discarded and replaced with genuine Holley replacement parts. The carburetor must then be carefully rebuilt and accurately adjusted to insure the power, economy, and performance which has been built into every Holley carburetor. The following overhaul procedure is easily accomplished, using ordinary tools and a reasonable amount of care. Factory approved special carburetor tools are also available to facilitate overhaul and protect parts which could be damaged by ordinary tools. Use of these special tools is strongly recommended.


The proper Master Repair Kit for the carburetor, as specified in the current Holley Carburetor Parts Catalog - Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln division, should be used to assure a complete and satisfactory overhaul. This kit contains Holley replacements for all parts which are subject to wear in operation or are likely to be damaged during disassembly. The following disassembly procedure includes instructions to discard the items for which r-placement parts are included in the Master Repair Kit. When removing the parts to be replaced, observe their placement for reference in installing the new parts from the kit.

a. Preparation:

Use a separate container for the parts and castings of both major subassemblies; the upper body assembly and the lower body


(1)   Remove the cotter and pin connecting the pump link to the pump rod extension.

(2)   Remove the five screws and lockwashers holding the two major castings together. Do not lose the identification tag attached to the carburetor by the screw nearest the air inlet.

(3)   Separate the castings and discard the large carburetor body gasket.

assembly. This procedure will facilitate cleaning, inspection, and reassembly.

b. Disassembly - upper body assembly from lower body assembly - Figure 1. This carburetor consists of two major castings, the upper body and lower body, plus the various component parts which are assembled with these two castings. Separation of the upper body assembly from the lower body assembly is the first step in the disassembly of the unit.

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