Holley MCarbHoll2110 1957 Carburetor manual
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Holley Carburetor Model 2110 Series are all
dual downdraft carburetors. These dual carbu
retors can be considered as two carburetors built
side by side into one unit, but utilizing the same
carburetor air inlet. Each side has its own idle
system, main metering system, and throttle plate.
All air bleeds and vents are supplied with
filtered air from the air cleaner, giving added
protection against the accumulation of foreign
matter in the carburetor passages.
The main jets and idle tubes are individually
flow tested to insure precise calibration, and meter
all fuel used during part throttle conditions. The
accelerating pump system provides the added fuel
for acceleration. An "override" spring feature of
the accelerating pump, prolongs the discharge of
fuel for smoother acceleration. The added supply
of fuel necessary for high speed or full power
operation is delivered by a fully automatic power
enrichment system actuated by pressure differ
ential acting across the economizer diaphragm.
The booster venturi nozzle bars minimize
percolation effects by providing a larger main
well with a long vertical rise. Percolation occurs
on hot days after the engine has been shut down.
The fuel in the bottom of the main well is heated,
forming vapor bubbles which trap raw fuel between
them as they rise. This action drains the fuel
from the carburetor and deposits raw fuel in the
intake manifold, making it difficult to start the
engine. By incorporating larger main wells and
longer passages, the bubbles break as they rise.
No liquid fuel, therefore, is carried into the hori
zontal passage leading to the main discharge
The application for these carburetors are as
Passenger Cars with
Automatic Choke
2110-EE Trucks
2110-FF Trucks
2110-G Trucks
Carburetor part numbers and other infor
mation applicable to specific vehicles are
listed in the Holley Carburetor Parts Catalog,
under the specific user.
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