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In a coldcarburetor condenses to a liquid on conpressure area and cold surfaces of the intake manifold. This results in an inefficausing hard starting, roupower. The choke plate is the means used to proenriched flow of fuel to aid in starting and warmingcold engine. Closing the choke plate which is located in the venturi, confines manifold vacuum within the caand draws a rich flow of fuel from the idle and main metering sysdrawn through the springplate to enable the engine to run and to prevent flooding. The throttle plate oduring choking to allow the engine to operate at a fast idle to prevent stalling. The fast idle cam, which is a curved extension of the choke lever, contacts the throttle stop screw and prevents the throttle plate fwhen the engine is choked.
engine, much of the vaporized fuel from the
tact with the low-
cient distribution of fuel to the cylinders,
gh running, stalling, and loss of
vide an
-up a
tems. When the engine starts, enough air is
-loaded poppet valve in the choke
pening is increased by the fast idle cam
rom closing completely
Engines equipped with automatic transmissions require
an anti-stall device as protection against loading the
engine when the accelerator pedal is suddenly depressed
and released. This protection is provided by the dashpot.
The dashpot retards the closing rate of the throttle plate
as it approaches the idle position, allowing the engine to
dissipate the raw fuel discharged into the intake manifold
by the accelerating pump.
The dashpot slows the final phases of throttle plate
closing by means of a spring-loaded diaphragm. When
the accelerator pedal is released, the throttle return spring
in the throttle linkage closes the throttle plate
simultaneously with the release of the pedal. As the
throttle plate approaches the idle position, a tab on the
throttle lever contacts the lower edge of the dashpot
lever. This rotates the dashpot lever, causing the head of
the dashpot adjusting screw of the dashpot lever
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