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A new development in true concentric carburetion, the Holley Carburetor Model
1901 incorporates many improvements over the very successful earlier Holley con
centric models. New engineering features are included to more accurately meet
all fuel requirements of the engine, even under adverse operating conditions. These
refinements assure the increased efficiency and outstanding performance which are
typical of all Holley automotive engine accessories.
The most readily apparent feature of the Carburetor Model 1901 is the elimi
nation of the air horn found on earlier concentric models. Most of the functions of
the air horn are taken over by the air cleaner which completely encloses the upper
half of the carburetor. Two choke plates, one in each venturi of the carburetor
throttle body, replace the choke plate previously located in the air horn.
The main body is mounted above the center of the throttle body in a manner
which allows cooling air to circulate completely around it. This free circulation
of air helps to cool the fuel in the float chamber, preventing percolation and hard
starting when the engine is hot. Truly concentric airflow through the carburetor
results from this method of mounting the main body, as the air flows vertically
downward on all sides of the main body into each venturi. As a result of this fea
ture, the Carburetor Model 1901 has a concentric flow of air as well as a con
centric flow of fuel.
Economical, efficient performance, a characteristic of all Holley products, is
delivered by the Carburetor Model 1901. This manual is intended to help the carbu
retor service mechanic in maintaining this high standard of performance. Careful
adherence to instructions contained in this manual will result in satisfactory and
profitable carburetor service.
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